Sounds in the new world…

12 months ago, the biggest compilation of 2009 was released.
Now, this April, comes the sequel… Sounds in the new world…!

‘Sounds from a new world…’ was the production mixed from 12 of the most up and coming DJ’s in the mashing world, and the compilation was aimed at giving tracks based on one thing…  SMASH THE GENRE!

The popularity of the compilation locked in the fact that there had to be a sequel…
So now with a years preparation and an aim for the highest quality, envision presents this compilation with more DJ’s, more tracks, more styles and more fun!

With tracks coming from some of the best DJ’s around in the mashup world these days, every track on this compilation is going to have you wanting to play it so damn loud that you are probably going to end up blowing your speakers!

Prepare for the smashing of James Blunt, Iyaz, La Roux, Timbaland, Duran Duran, Paramore, MGMT, Kiss, AFI, The Supremes, Queen, R.E.M., Stevie Wonder, Moby, Pat Benetar, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars and lots more!

Keep an eye on this forum for the constant updates, and let us know what you are hoping to hear on the comp… The more you tell us, the more likely you are gonna get to hear tracks mixed in with the style and sources that make you want to stick this compilation on constant repeat!

If you want to get an idea of what ‘Sounds in the new world is, 
head to the new home of envision and download the original ‘Sounds from a new world…’

Lady Gaga ft. Akon + Colby O’Donis vs. Jennifer Hudson – If This Isn’t Love, Just Dance (Dance Club Mix)

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Sum 41 vs. Justin Bieber – In Too Deep With The Lonely Girl

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Britney Spears vs. Simple Plan – The Threesome Is Just A Lie

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Fleetwood Mac vs. HelloGoodbye – Here (In My Own Way)

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Kesha vs. Green Day – 21 Tik’s

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Billy Idol vs. Miley Cyrus – The Dance

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