Kelly Clarkson vs. Solange – This Disco Sucks Without You

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Click image to download Mp3

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Positive comment exerpts

I enjoyed this one immensely! It’s a great groove. Solange is so underrated. I am baffled by the fact that she hasn’t caught on yet.
These tracks go together so very well. – Ace of Clubs

A very enjoyable popmash, nice one! – m2m

I couldn’t help posting yet another Kelly article after hearing this ingenious mashup.  Gives the song “My Life Would Suck Without You” a whole new 50’s or 60’s throw-back vibe. LOVES IT! – DJ Taj

A GREAT pairing Pop Perfection. 🙂 – bjrexpert

Hellyea — too much fun! – NECKICE

This sits so nice! That chorus works ace!
…you made it all feel really chilled and laid back.
It sounds very Summery for some reason!
Definiately a winning combination! – CjR


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